Thursday, February 09, 2006

Virgil Finlay - Master of the FANTASTIC!

Again, i'll shut up and let these images do the talking....

FACE in the ABYSS - A Merritt

SERAPION - Francis Stevens

Mad Planet - Murray Leinster

Shore of Tomorrow - Chad Oliver

The Death of Iron - S. S. Held

We Shall Come Back - C H Liddell

The Moon Pool - A. Merritt

Twice in Time - Manley Wade Wellman

Here's a Finlay bio in his own words -

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Sorry if the layout for this post is a little wonky (split double-page spreads, erratic image placement and so on) -
.....i'm a wee bit rushed for time today.... (everday, in fact - but normally it's not too visible here).
But - as an extra bonus..... here's Salvador Dali's predictions for the year 2001 - YOW!


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