Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Scary Monsters....

First of all, dig that Tom Sutton cover... and the second story, "The Eyes of the Beholders" is by him also. The swamp monster tale, "Fear Feeder" seems to be signed "Carlos Villa" and is also a nice job, but the stand-out story has to be "Sanctuary" by Joes Staton & Gill. Sweet stuff!
Scary Tales #4!

Yet ANOTHER great cover by Sutton (printed REALLY dark so i hadda push the scan a bit), plus "Tom Tuna" (Joe Gill?) & Wayne Howard do "A Belief in Vampires", TS does duties on "The Wakely Monster" - more swampy fun...
Monster Hunters #3!

Yet ANOTHER AMAZING Tom Sutton cover. Classic! Old timer Carl Wessler teams with greenhorns Larson & Boxell on "Untouchable Killer" a bizarre tale of SIAMESE TWIN LYCANTHROPY! YOW! More Sutton madness on "Wormholes" .....
Monster Hunters #8!

"Night of the Kraken" by Nick Cuti and F. Nieto - another gem!
Monster Hunters #10!
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