Wednesday, January 12, 2011

YOU are Number 6!

Now if you've never seen "The Prisoner", the CLASSIC late 60's TV show masterminded by Patrick McGoohan [not the crappy remake from last year], you really should make the effort. I once thought that this show was an allegory. Not any more. Now, in the world we live in of almost omnipresent video cameras and data-mining and so on, I now think of it more as a survival manual, an illustrated "How-To" if you like.

A very loose spin off from spy show "Danger Man" (also known as "Secret Agent") - McGoohan plays "Number 6", a prisoner in "The Village" - a microcosm for the communities in which we live. All he has to do is play along, and he can have a nice peaceful, if somewhat controlled and monitored existence.....

The look and feel of the show is hard to define, but I have heard it described as "What if MI5 was running the chill room at a rave?" Works for me. Here's a taste -

Ace published three paperbacks (pretty scarce) based on the series, and while many feel the first by SF writer Thomas Disch is the best, I actually prefer the third, as it really captures the dreamlike feel of the show. Don't worry too much about number two..... heh heh heh! They were republished as hardbacks in the '80s - I'm sure they turn up on eBay if you're inclined to seek them out.

Amazingly enough two of my passions combine head-on when Jack "King" Kirby did a well executed (but unpublished) comic adaption during his stint at Marvel in the 1970's..... here's some pages to give you a taste.......

Looks good huh? So anyway I went ahead and reconstructed the thing from various sources, hither and yon... and here you go!
Prisoner Datajunkie Reconstruction.cbz

Hey - even I'M in The Village..... wha' happen!?!

Here's a nice overview, also from youtube, where you will find lots more about and from the show...

[Re-post with revisions of blog text and cbz file]

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