Monday, July 13, 2009

There are no such things as problems...

Only situations.

Normal broadcasts will resume shortly.

Hyper Dave is alive and well and as happy as a clam.

The strange thing is, all the positive comments on my recent hiatus are from people who actually are willing to put their name to what they say....

The Negative comments, such as...

"Watermark. What an ass. If you're going to share, you share. Boo Hoo, people don't know I scanned it and are getting to read it. No, apparently you don't get comics at all. Just be happy that people are getting to enjoy something that you did. If not, don't scan it because I am sure someone eventually will without the ego".... are of course anonymous.

Venomous gutless loudmouthed knuckle-draggers like this buffoon used to get me down, but now... i'm just over it. It must really, REALLY suck to be this guy.

Also, a big tip of the lid to Zen Tiger!

Go visit him at

which should keep you busy for a year or two.
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