Wednesday, May 06, 2009

What happened to the Charlton books?

Ask "Keith in Bakersfield". Or perhaps his evil twin. Or someone just like him.

Due to stuff i've taken the time to scan, collate etc turning up elsewhere with no credit, no props, no links, no nuthin'.... I need to step back and reconsider this (yet again).

I'm seeing whole posts plundered as is for heaven's sake!

Well from now on.... everything gets watermarked. Everything. Hard core. Every friggin' page.

Thanks to "Keith in Bakersfield" and his cyclopean ilk.....

All it takes is the mouth-breathing, knuckle-dragging fanboy stereotype to remind me that while I love comics, I have the lowest regard for most people that read them.....

So thanks "Keith in Bakersfield" for reminding me that not everyone who reads this blog is actually what you could call respectful or civilized.

I shouldn't really be so hard on the poor mook.... I mean, have you ever BEEN to Bakersfield......
Punishment enough right there.....

I'll be back in a bit after i've scrawled my name in crayon all over my comics so the mean kids won't steal 'em. Just like grade school all over again.... *sheesh*


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