Sunday, April 19, 2009

Mo' Horror!

More thrills and chills for you gals and ghouls from that bone-chilling blogger, Mr "Hair-raising Horror" himself, Mr. Hyper Dave. More Charlton, more from Fass, more audio.... what's not to love?

Weird Vampire Tales 1 from 1979 is the usual nasty, vile, putrid, icky low-rent slush we all know and don't ask! Just download! At least in this digital age the newsprint doesn't make your fingertips go all smudgy and black.... just your mind!

Weird Vampire Tales 1

Two Steve Ditko stunners from "The Big C", and the scripting for both the Gorgo and Konga stories (by Joe Gill I assume) are handled with a light whimsical touch. Mr. Ditko picks up on this, and the Konga story is a real treat, including a running gag featuring a picture of the (obligatory) scientist's girlfriend acting as a Greek chorus (look, just read the darn thing, it will all make sense). The aforementioned scientist gives our ape protagonist a shot of shrinky-dink juice, so he can get a dose of his own medicine... sort of a simian version of "the Incredible Shrinking Man". The Gorgo story is also pretty neat as it features an intelligent bottle-nose dolphin, making this a weird hybrid.... kind of like "Flipper" meets "Godzilla"...... and people wonder why I have such a soft spot for these old Charlton books.

Return Of Gorgo 3

Konga's Revenge

Plus more audio full of spooky radio ads, three for "Bloodfiend", plus "Blood-O-Rama Shock Festival", and my favorite - "Chiller Carnival of Blood". But wait! There's more! How about three radio spots for Dario Argento's classic "Suspiria"!

Coming next week - I think i'll round up some "Buccaneers" and we'll dig up some kind of "Buried Treasure" since we're still living in a world full 'o' pirates....

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