Thursday, March 26, 2009

Sounds for spies and Dangerous Guys!

Welcome once again to Hyper Dave's discount brain emporium! Here's a little bit of an experiment: i'm going to dip my toe in the waters of vinyl sharity. Think of this as a tip 'o' the lid to the late Patrick McGoohan, who passed away not so long ago.

Now (as you may or may not know), i'm a big fan of "the Prisoner" and it's pre-cursor "Danger Man", or "Secret Agent" as it was titled in the US market.
As much as I love Mr "shaken-not-stirred" Bond, James Bond, Those Men from U.N.C.L.E and all those other slick spy-guys from the swingin' 60's, my preference has always been towards a more "realistic" portrayal of the grim espionage business - Harry Palmer, Callan and the king of the hill, John Drake. As portrayed by Patrick McGoohan, Drake was ALL work and NO play, who was often played for a sucker by his handlers and also allowed his conscience, not his orders, to be his guide. This aspect of the character continues from "Danger Man" to become a major part "The Prisoner", it's quasi-sequel.

There are a lot of things to like about "Danger Man". One of the many distinctive and memorable features of the show was the musical score by Edwin Astley, which heavily featured the harpsichord and some very, very idiosyncratic "cool jazz" arrangements, ultra-heavy on the bongoes, making it on of the more memorable TV scores of the 1960's. I tried my best to add a whole bunch of material to the original LP (some scrounged from the internet), and I hope you'll enjoy them, including alternate covers of the "Danger Man" theme by other artists, a couple of songs featured in the show and some goodies from "The Prisoner" as well. Be seeing you.....

Secret agent, Man!

Oh yeah, there is this too.....

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