Friday, November 07, 2008

Just a quick note.....

No, I didn't get hit by a bus (although in this town that is a frighteningly high possiblity... just google up "MUNI hits pedestrian" and you'll see what I mean).
First and fore-most I can only say that while my little corner of the internet is mostly about those "stinky little books" otherwise known as comics with a dash of other low-rent elements of pop-culture, some of that "Life, The Universe and Everything" stuff kinda bleeds through. Therefore the inverse should also be true, and this is the case in recent weeks, between backing up all my data (400+ gigs and counting folks), getting the band back together (more on that soon) and a host of other stuff, I have not had the time, energy or indeed, inclination to put in the time blog-wise that this (and you) richly deserves.
As strange as it sounds, I would rather do nothing than continue this disturbing trend of what I can only call "Hit-And-Run Blogging", that is to say a cool post with some great artifact to share, ut me making some lame excuse for having nothing of real value to say about it. There have been some occasions in the last few months where I didn't even have the energy to make a solid pun. Very sad.
So, you'll have to excuse my elliptical and random oscillation, but i'm fine, happy healthy and all that, just finding myself being pulled in a lot odf directions. It would come as no surprise that something has to give, and unfortunately this was one of them.
Oh dear, how sad, never mind.
The good news is, I have a whole bunch of Halloween themed posts lined up, and they're way to good to sit on, so until further notice every day is Halloween!


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