Monday, October 13, 2008

Shocktoberfest Double Whammy!

Wrapping it up on the new Skywald aquisitions... This issue has more than it's share of reprints, but they're all good, so who's complaining!

Nightmare 21

Plus -
You ALSO get a fab collection of radio trailers including such monster classics as The Blob, Caltiki The Immortal Monster, It Conquered The World, Monster From Green Hell, Yog, Ghidrah, Godzilla, Atragon, King Kong Escapes as well as Blaxsploitation masterpieces such as Shaft, J.D.s' Revenge, Sugar Hill, Cleopatra Jones, Black Ceasar, Dr Black & Mr Hyde, Coffy, Blacula, Scream Blacula Scream, The Thing With Two Heads, The Mack.... AS WELL AS a weird assortent of primo psychotronic trailers such as Psych-Out, Death Race 2000, Swinging Swappers, The Child, A Man Could Get Killed, Up, Mustang, Night of The Lepus, Locker Room Girls and more!

Just the thing to turn your music player into a simulation of some kind of crappy retro radio station!

Radio ads

PS. I also fixed the bad HTL on the last post. Sorry 'bout that chief!


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