Wednesday, October 01, 2008

More TV Fun!

OK - first up, I had to pull the "Dear Lonely Hearts" post as the file seems to be corrupted. I'll repost it later in the week - my apologies to all who downloaded it.
Now that we've got that out of the way, let's have some more TV comic fun!
As a kid, I grew up with three types of comics, American, British and Australian (and not too many of those - hah!). For those of you unfamiliar with the U.K. weekly comics, here's two consecutive issues of TV Tornado featuring a bevy of 1960's boob-tube characters plus Magnus Robot Fighter!

TV Tornado 22

TV Tornado 23

PS. Longtime datajunkie fan P-E Fronning has posed us a puzzler -

"I need help identifying a superhero. I recently found out that there was a comic fan and amateur (in every sense) sculptor here in Sweden who has, during the last 50 years, created a sculpture park with all types of comic characters. I've only seen a couple of photos from there and one of those shows a sculpture of a superhero character that I've never seen before. On the base of the sculpture reads "Atom Mannen" which would in English be "The Atom Man".

However he doesn't look anything like any of the atom men I've seen. Of course sometimes names aren't translated directly so he might be called something completely different. Now, it must be said that it's not certain he is American, perhaps he's even Swedish but it's not likely. I would appreciate if you'd have quick a look 'cause if someone would know it would be you. Cheers!"

Well I have NO clue as to who this geezer is... anyone out there know?


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