Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Horror Stars on OTR Part 2! [Re-Post, but whatcha gonna do...]

And for those of you who cried "Encore!" - here it is! If you are like me (there's a scary thought right there!), we all love to see the old Horror stars of the golden years of Hollywood strut their stuff and do their thang - so their radio performances are indeed an undiscovered treasure trove of more portrayals of murderers and madmen. Unfortunately, the same issues that haunted Bela Lugosi, and possible dificulties with working with him as PERCIEVED by the entertainment industry (ie the RUMOUR that Bela had a less than perfect grasp of English and was a hassle to work with) means that his radio performances seem to be few indeed.... so that's all we gots for ol' Bela, but we still have more stuff from Boris Karloff, Peter Lorre, Vincent Price, John Carradine, and some-one not mentioned till now, Basil Rathbone. Allthough not stereo-typed as a "heavy" like the others mentioned (I must say that Vincent Prices' roles were much more diverse in the earlier part of his career, often as a heroic leading man - he was the best known radio version of "The Saint" after all), Basil Rathbone did play Wolf Frankenstein in "Son of Frankenstein" with Boris as well as tons of performances as Sherlock Holmes with Nigel Bruce on the screen AND radio and LOTS more cool stuff besides. So as i've said before, i'll watch ANYTHING with any of these actors, and i'll pretty much listen to any of their radio performances too. Here's another bunch of radio shows as a zip file on the Holloweenie tip -

Hollywood Playhouse starring Vincent Price as a bullfighter(!) in "Hour of Truth".

Vincent Price more true to form as a complete homicidal nutter in Hollywood Star Times' adaption of that classic meller, "The Lodger".

Plus Vincent in the EXCELLENT Suspense episode about ham actors (...oh yeah!) - "Rave Notice" from 1958!

John Carradine on the Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis Show!

John Carradine on an episode of the quiz program "Information Please" .

Basil Rathbone in the weird-oh TALES of FATIMA - "Time to Kill".

Boris Karloff(!) on SPOTLIGHT REVIEW with Spike Jones & the City Slickers.

More Boris on INNER SANCTUM in "Corridor of Doom", plus an episode of "Philco Radio" with him too!

Peter Lorre in a gem from "Mystery in the Air" - "The Queen of Spades" and also another ripping yarn from the same series - "Beyond Good and Evil".

PlusPeter Lorre on the Bob Hope Show from 1947 with a very funny "Inner Sanctum" parody by the two.

Peter Lorre in the May 25 1941 episode of INNER SANCTUM "Death is a Joker".

Horror Stars on OTR Part 2

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