Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Man From Planet X [Re-Post by Request!]

Yes, I know, i've been the KING of re-post of late (not apart from a couple of weekends off) but what can I tell you? Contrary to the opinion of some, i DO have a life, and a very rich and enjoyable one it is too.
There's some great art in this Fawcett Movie Comic, and the script (by Otto Binder?) actually makes WAY MORE sense than the movie does - which i watched when i was scanning the book way back when... now how's that for devotion!
Man from Planet X!

PS. This one comes from many and diverse materials, so you have my apologies for any "funkiness" with the pdf... it's what i had to work with... OK?

PPS. Tomorrow, i'll finally finish up with THE SPECTRE!

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