Wednesday, September 03, 2008

G. I. In Battle 2

Presented as an artifact of it's time, for your edification is G. I. In Battle #2, probably the nastiest Pre-Code comic i've ever laid eyes on. Full of venomous Cold War era propaganda, racial slurs and mindless violence, this chills me to the core more than any over-the-top horror or crime books of the the same time period.
If this offends you - GOOD! If this repulses you - EVEN BETTER! This IS offensive and repulsive and a whole lot more besides.
The fact that Wertham never mentioned WAR comics in SOTI should tell you ALL you need to know about that charlatan....
And they said that I was the one who was crazy....

G. I. In Battle 2

Tomorrow - DRAGULA suck again!

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