Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Eerie Repost & More! [By Request!]

This issue features for your "enjoyment", an AMAZING gore-fest from "Darling" Dick Ayers (who has stated in print that he enjoyed the work) - "A Corpse for the Coffin", plus the chilling "Thing in the Cellar" by Chic Stone and a choice Pre-Code reprint "The Tiger's Paw" : ".... it was a Voodoo sign and it meant CERTAIN DOOM!"
Witches Tales Aug. '70

The February issue from earlier the same year feature 2 stories by Mr Ayers, in fine form (he was apparently known around the Eerie offices as the "eye-popping artist"!) plus some other nasty work by unfortunately unknown hands. Grim and gritty, we will never see their like again, and yet they are too strange to remain buried!
Witches Tales Feb. '70

But let's not forget the ubiquitious Chic Stone, who was penciling and inking all over the place in the late 60's and 70's - Marvel, Archie, Tower, DC plus magazine and advertising work, you name it, he did it. Plus he did about half a dozen stories for these guys, and Terror Tales from September 1970 features one of his most notorious "The Slimy Mummy".... again - WHO WRITES THIS STUFF? WHAT ARE THEY ON?
This piece of weirdness is backed up with a nice Pre-Code story, "Experiment in Terror". Bizarre, yet thrilling!
Terror Tales Sept. '70

Plus selections from these two of Stanley Morse Horror rags!
Chilling reprints "Creekmore Curse" which features Pre-E.C. art by Al "Stiff-Figures" Feldstein and Shock features reprints from AGC's notorious "Clutching Hand" 1-shot! Eeek!

Chilling Tales June '71

Shock Nov. '69

Coming up tomorrow - one if THE scariest Pre-Code comics i've EVER laid eyes on.... Miss it NOT!

This is your ol' pal, Hyper Dave reminding you that if the future has no future, then tomorrow would be a thing of the past.....

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