Friday, August 29, 2008

The R∑@l W@tchm∑n!

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In other news [in response to some recent comments], yes what I ran as Space Adventures 57 is in fact issue 52. Minor whoops, but i've been posting truckloads of comics of late, and I finally made a mistake. Oh dear, how sad, never mind.
Some one also said they were having trouble downloading the hyperfileshare links, but they work fine, so I don't know what to say... maybe it's a regional issue, or maybe they can't read the small print... you need to go through two pages before you actually get to the download link... if you can't follow instructions, don't complain to me.. OK?
Also, some one else was asking if the Konga books were related to the Herman Cohen film of the same name... well, since it says "From The Herman Cohen Production" on the cover, i'd be forced to say yes.
Now, a little bit of friendly advice from your old pal Hyper Dave - if you're going to put ANYTHING in writing [not just on the Internet], why not have a wee think about what you're doing first, just so you don't come off looking like an brain-dead air-head. Before anyone takes this personally, let me say that I myself need to heed this advice as much [if not MORE] than anyone else, as i've been known to spring into action without a sensible amount of pre-meditation... "Nuff Said?
Anyway, i'm pooped blog-wise after all this weeks frantic activity, so i'm takin' the weekend off... see you on Tuesday gang!

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