Monday, June 02, 2008

Flash Gordon Part 2

More Flash artifacts - first up some Frank Frazetta Flash Gordon daily strip samples from the 50's -

Flash Gordon Big Little Books - 'Nuff Said!

Now in the UK, Flash appeared in the weekly comic, TV Tornado. Check it out! The Invaders, Green Hornet, The Phantom, Magnus, Man from U.N.C.L.E. Like WOW!

TV Tornado 12

TV Tornado 20

Annuals.... ah yes. Fond memories of these many and wonderful Christmas-time Annuals, most notably from World Distributors (makers of the afore-mentioned TV Tornado). These were a mix of text, comics and features often, but not always, either based on weekly British comics (Lion Annual, Whizzer and Chips Annual) or liscenced material from other media, most notably television. Printed on heavy white stock (usually in Europe). Quality dropped into the 70's but 60's ones are a joy to behold. Better printing made for a relavation as the artwork quality is revealed by better printing on better paper. Just amazing, the line reproduction better, the colors brighter. Some reprinted American material, and not just Marvel and DC.

Flash Gordon Annual 1967

Flash Gordon Annual 1968

Big Flash wrap-up in the next day or so.......

(While we are proudest of these large posts on a single topic or character, they are kinda draining, as you can well imagine...)
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