Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Somewhere in a used bookstore far, far away....

Picture this..... you walk into a dimly lit store and the unmistakable scent of old paper hits your nostrils. As your eyes slowly adjust to the darkness you notice a comic spinner rack in the back corner. As you move closer, you see that it is filled with old pre-Code comics selling for 10c each...

You have now crossed over into "The Datajunkie Zone"!

OK... so I can't do that - but I CAN do THIS!
Here's a "virtual" spinner rack of the Pre-Code Crime books. Enjoy!

Police Comics #111 - Repost of a great Quality book with Reed Crandall art. Sweet!
Police Comics #111

Crime Does Not Pay #132 - The original and still the best. Accept no substitutes! George Tuska's art in this is a revalation. amazing, gritty stuff. Way better than his later work at Marvel.
Crime Does Not Pay #132

Crime Fighting Detective #13 - One of the afore-mentioned substitutes.
Crime Fighting Detective #13

Crime And Punishment #5 - No, not an adaption of the Dovstoyefsky nove, but the companion book to Crime Does Not Pay. Great art by Bob Fujitani and Tony DiPreta!
Crime And Punishment #5

Danger #6 - Don Heck shines in this issue, again, his talents (like those of George Tuska) were somewhat wasted grinding out Iron Man at Marvel...
Danger #6

Dynamite #7 - Oh man... Pete Morisi's homage to Mickey Spillane... the art is SUPERB. It don't get better than this!
Dynamite #7

Real Clue Crime Comics - Highlight of this issue - a Pre - EC Bernie Krigstein story.
Real Clue Crime Comics

T-Man #20 - Anothert Atom Age classic from Quality.
T-Man #20

On The Floor -

Tales of the Killers Feb. 1970 - Ajax-Farrell reprints in black and white.
Tales of the Killers Feb. 1970

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