Tuesday, April 29, 2008

9) 2D or not 2D, that is the question....

As much as I love comics as pdfs, and as much as I love 3D comics, the two are pretty much mutually exclusive for a number of technical reasons. So, what's a datajunkie to do?

So, I think this is a pretty neat trick i've pulled off here... changing these 3D comics from the 1950's into 2D greyscale that is totally readable. God bless Photoshop! Oh yeah... I got this gem (coverless) for a buck! Cool huh? Art by Joe Kubert, Dave Berg and Norm Maurer. Imagine if Mad was in 3D (except I dropped it down to 2D), but it stills holds up pretty well.....
Whack #1 (St. John)

Ah yes, the "Fabulous 50's" and the faddish-ness of that age! The hula-hoop, for example... or 3D. Everybody went 3D CRAZY, trying to cash in on the fleeting phenomena! Harvey Comics were no exeption, and enter Joe Simon and Jack Kirby, and the creation of Captain 3D. Inks by mort Meskin and Steve Ditko! Yowza!

What i've done is turn these books into greyscale 2D by dropping out the reds (or more specifically, tricking the computer into thinking that the color red and the color yellow of the faded pages was actually the same color).
Personally I think these two turned out pretty good.....

Captain 3D #1 (Harvey)

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