Tuesday, April 29, 2008

10) War, Huh, Good God! What is it good for?

Absolutely nothing!
Listen to me!
Or better still, read these wonderful examples of 1950's war comics......and Wertham was worried about the horror books?
There's an Atom bomb scare piece in Battle Attack 4 that's crude but effective, and War Heroes 2 features one story about a practical joker who brings his bag of tricks behind enemy lines. I couldn't make this stuff up.
As they say.... read 'em and weep.....

Battle Attack 4

War Heroes 2

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9) 2D or not 2D, that is the question....

As much as I love comics as pdfs, and as much as I love 3D comics, the two are pretty much mutually exclusive for a number of technical reasons. So, what's a datajunkie to do?

So, I think this is a pretty neat trick i've pulled off here... changing these 3D comics from the 1950's into 2D greyscale that is totally readable. God bless Photoshop! Oh yeah... I got this gem (coverless) for a buck! Cool huh? Art by Joe Kubert, Dave Berg and Norm Maurer. Imagine if Mad was in 3D (except I dropped it down to 2D), but it stills holds up pretty well.....
Whack #1 (St. John)

Ah yes, the "Fabulous 50's" and the faddish-ness of that age! The hula-hoop, for example... or 3D. Everybody went 3D CRAZY, trying to cash in on the fleeting phenomena! Harvey Comics were no exeption, and enter Joe Simon and Jack Kirby, and the creation of Captain 3D. Inks by mort Meskin and Steve Ditko! Yowza!

What i've done is turn these books into greyscale 2D by dropping out the reds (or more specifically, tricking the computer into thinking that the color red and the color yellow of the faded pages was actually the same color).
Personally I think these two turned out pretty good.....

Captain 3D #1 (Harvey)

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8) Uniting SF OTR epiodes with their original publication illos!

Yet another reason why eight out of ten mothers wash their clothes with new DATAJUNKIE!

ESCAPE - 31st March 1951 Episode 116 - "Green Splotches"

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Monday, April 28, 2008

The Return of the House of Datajunkie (2.0)

Forget about all that mopey junk. I was being a spud (see above).

OK, so I hit the rough, big deal.... happens to the best of us, and if my hero Robert Evans can bounce back after the furies of hell, so can I. As he said - Second Act tragedy makes for a great Third Act come-back.

Now, on to some things that I love about datajunkie!

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1) Collections that we'll NEVER see!

The Charlton Art of JIM APARO -

Now this is a nice little "virtual" collection I put together a while back
of some of his earliest pro work at Charlton.

Written by Steve Skeates or Joe Gill, i don't think there's a stinker in the bunch. Just look at that panel above.... no wonder Neal Adams pounced on any of Jim's work he saw in the late 60's... talent can recognize talent, that's for sure.

The stand-out has to be this one though..... the infamous "Best of all Possible Worlds".

i also really like the tone of these stories he did with Skeates..... dig that dialogue from Dr Graves.....

... and if you like it spooky Western style, then you'll enjoy "Water, Water, Everywhere..." Me? I like 'em all! Plus I also like compiling these "tradepaperbacks-i'd-like-to-see" as pdf's since nobody's ever gonna reprint this stuff in the near future....
The Charlton Art of JIM APARO

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3)The finest in obscure pulps!


I have a real soft spot for that whole Rocket-jockey continuum thingy... and these issues of Thrills Inc. (from Australia) are just over the top in that regard.
Each one of these contains 50 pages of sheer atom-age nonsense!
The writing style is "ripping adventure" to the hilt, and the illustrations are just great... plus the covers are to die for!



Thrills Inc. #17 is smaller in size than the earlier issues, but the cover seems to make up for that. This ish comes compliments of some F. J. Ackerman guy.... (now where have I heard that name before??? ....hmmm, don't tell me... it'll come to me....)
THRILLS Inc. #17

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4) Movie and TV adaptions!

Back before we had DVDs (or VHS tapes even), movie and TV adaptions in comics or novel form were the only way to relive a particularily choice story. The movie and TV adaption comic book is now a pale shadow of itself (now usually referred to as a "franchise property", as though we were gonna open a KFC outlet fer heavens' sakes), but back in the day.....*sigh*.....
Anyhow, here's a little number i'm sure we all remember....CAPTAIN SINDBAD with Guy Williams. Man, the Russ Manning art in this book just blew me away!

Now that I think of Russ Manning, here's another cool adaption by him, this time the TV show "77 Sunset Strip".

Kookie, Kookie.... LEND ME YOUR COMB!
77 Sunset Strip #2

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5) Focus on non-super hero comics!

Datajunkie sez - "Don't ask! Just download! Quick - Before Funky Flashman STOPS ME!"

Angel and The Ape #2

Angel and The Ape #4

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6) Pre-Code books as pdfs!

Some of the BEST Bob Powell horror art i've EVER seen ANYWHERE can be found in this issue, starring 'Ol Nick hisself!
Thrills of Tomorrow 17

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7) Black and White Re-Prints of Pre-Code Horror Comics as pdf's!

While we're on the topic of nasty horror rags, datajunkie proudly saves you all the bother of washing the newsprint off your hands.....

Chilling, June 1970

Shock, May 1970

So I guess we're back in bidness!

More reasons that I love datajunkie.... TOMORROW!

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