Monday, October 01, 2007

Forbidden Tales Of The Dark Mansion!?!

Ah yes, it's October, and of course, when I think of October, I think of Octoberfest...NOT!
'Tis the Halloween season, and in the spirit of the same (pardon my pun) here's two issues that i'm pretty sure won't be collected any time soon. Lots of excellent art courtesy of the "Phillipine Invasion" so visible in 1970's horror titles of almost every company publishing at that time. Just look at that Alex Nino panel. Beautiful (if somewhat trippy) stuff!

I would assume the title started out more on the (then hot) Gothic Romance tip, only to (d)evolve into a more traditional anthology format.

Forbidden Tales Of The Dark Mansion 8

Forbidden Tales Of The Dark Mansion 9


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