Thursday, August 30, 2007


Even though Steve Ditko DIDN'T do the artwork on these two issues they both have something to recommend them. Issue 20 in particular.

Lookin' good, Oh Green One!

Issue 12 features an appearance (guest shot, crossover... hmmm - do monsters "cross-over"?) by "Reptisaurus" (AKA Reptilicus).

Gorgo 12

Gorgo 20

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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Y'know... that ol' Flying Saucer NEVER goes outta style....

From the pages of Fate Magazine.... but, of course!

The rest is re-post-
....... but it's quality gear!

"I Flew in a Flying Saucer" Parts 1 & 2 from Ray Palmer's OTHER WORLDS SF magazine.
"I Flew in a Flying Saucer" Part 1.
"I Flew in a Flying Saucer" Part 2.

This beauty is from the back cover of AMAZING Stories from the early 50's.

UFO Flying Saucers 1 (64 pages).

Comin' up - GORGO, Sarge Steel and Captain 3D!

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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Move over Thor, here comes The Son Of Vulcan!?!

Written by Pat Masulli, Pencilled by Bill Fraccio and Inked by Tony Tallarico.
Because I can, Because i'm back, and ..... well,
Just because!
Son Of Vulcan 1


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