Monday, April 02, 2007

The Science Fiction Art of Alex Schomburg

Well, now that i'm able to recover all the data that was unavailable when my computer kaput - that is to say, the computer is still very dead but the data lingers on (Hooray!), or to put it another way, "Nothing here now but the recordings" as William S. Burroughs would have said....
Anyway, I digress....

Now that I can recover all the bits and pieces, i'm not reliant on reposted material, so first up is a nice selection of interior illustrations by Alex Schomburg from the early 1950's. Lots of cool space opera and flying saucer stuff in with these.

I have a bit of a hard time with that flying saucer poem though......
"From deepest Space the disks appear,
Like visitants from There to Here,"
...I mean - REALLY!

Startling Stories - June '52

Thrilling Wonder Stories - Oct. '52

Fantastic Story - Jan. '53

Thrilling Wonder Stories - Feb. '53

Startling Stories - Mar. '53

Wonder Story Annual - 1953

Startling Stories - May '53

Thrilling Wonder Stories - Fall '54

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