Sunday, March 25, 2007

The Weird World of Basil Wolverton (Re-Post)

It should come as no surprise to anyone that i'm a big fan of Basil Wolverton, right? Right!
Anyway, here's a neat-o little file with three stories I culled from various issues of digest-sized pin-up mags from the 1950's. The first page of one of the stories is missing, so i fudged up a title page to make it a little less jarring, rather than have the story start abruptly with page 2.
You may not like "bigfoot" cartooning, but i'm sure you'll love "Uranium in his Cranium", "Fewer Chewers", and "Nightmare Scare"!

Powerhouse Pepper

Plus, here's some Basil Wolverton covers from PLOP!

When Plop! first started, they would run the front covers on the back, no text!

Nice huh?

Now there's one that DC could collect ( and probably make some money on).
¡Viva Plop!

But after a while, they just ran them on the front.

PS. My computer is still dead as a doornail - boo hoo!

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