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Mantong revealed!

"There is no way to tell you but incoherently- so I will do it that way" - Richard Shaver.

"Sirs, Am sending this in hope you will insert it in an issue to keep from dying with me. It would arouse a lot of discussion. Am sending you the language so that some time you can have it looked at by some one in the college or a friend who is a student of antique times. The language seems to me to be definite proof of the Atlantean legend. A great number of our English words have come down intact as romantic –ro man tic-“science of man patterning by control,” Trocadero – t ro see a dero- “good one see a bad one”- applied now together. It is an immensely important find, suggesting the god legends have a base in some wiser race than modern man; but to understand it takes a good head as it contains multi-thoughts like many puns on the same subject. It is too deep for ordinary man – who thinks it is a mistake. A little study reveals ancient words in English occurring many times. It should be saved and placed in wise hands. I can’t, will you? It really has an immense significance, and will perhaps put me right in your thoughts again if you will really understand this.
I need a little encouragement."

The Mantong Alphabet -
A - is for Animal
B - is to Be
C - means See
D - is the harmful energy generated by the Sun
E - is Energy
F - means Fecund
G - means to Generate
H - means Human
I - means I
J - is the same as G - generate
K - means Kinetic, as in motion or energy
L - is Life
M - means Man
N - means child, as in 'ninny'
O - means Orifice, a source
P - is Power
Q - means Quest
R - horror; signifies a large amount of D present
S - means the Sun, which emits D
T - is the beneficial force, the opposite of D
U - means You
V - Vital; in Shaver's words, 'the stuff Mesmer calls animal magnetism.'
W - Will
X - Conflict, sometimes meaning D and T in opposition
Y - means Why
Z - means Zero, or when T and D cancel one another out.

“We present this interesting letter concerning an ancient language with no comment, except to say that we applied the letter-meaning to the individual letter of many old root words and proper names and got an amazing “sense” out of them. Perhaps if readers interested were to apply his formula to more of these root words, we will be able to discover if the formula applies … is this formula the basis of one of the most ancient languages on Earth? The mystery intrigues us very much. – ED.”
Published Amazing - Jan. '44

Later Palmer wrote in "Invitation to Adventure", his introduction to Spring, 1961 issue of The Hidden World (#A-1):

“I had free rein with the pulps, and was answerable to no one except Mr. Davis (of Ziff-Davis) … thus, when one day a letter came in giving the details of an “ancient alphabet” that “should not be lost to the world,” it was opened by my managing editor, Howard Browne, who read it with typical orthodox attitude, and tossed it into the wastepaper basket with the comment “The world is full of crackpots.” … I retrieved the letter from the wastebasket, examined the alphabet, and made a few casual experiments. I went about the office to those who were familiar with other languages than English, and came up with a few more interesting results. That was enough. I published the letter in Amazing Stories.”

More Shaver soon!

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