Monday, February 19, 2007

Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea 6!

Apart from the lead story, "The Overland Trail" artist Alberto Giolitti also supplies art for the 4 page back-up "Explorers in the Unknown", which I happen to like very much indeed.

We're also going to try some new file hosting options (the aptly named Don't fret though folks, this is just while I wait for my payment to Streamload to clear.... as they say, the cheque's in the mail......

Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea 6

Plus (for no real reason except that I want to) here's a nice selection of covers from "Lost In Space" (also by Gold Key)-

These two are from the back cover pin-ups featured in the early 60's.

As you can see they do start to get a little more silly as time goes on, but some of them are just gorgeous.

I'm pretty sure these are all by George Wilson. You go George!

It would also seem that I hit post #500 a few back without realizing it, so Happy whatever to ME!
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