Thursday, February 22, 2007

The ORIGINAL Black Cat (Yet ANOTHER Re-Post)

More re-post, it's all I got today....

Forget that chick who hangs around with Spidey, or even Catwoman, whom DC Comics have pretty much de-clawed at this point anyway... (hell, it's more accurate to say poor Selina Kyle's been neutered)... here comes The ORIGINAL Black Cat!

Seen above are the two men most closely connected with the "real" Black Cat - Publisher Alfred Harvey and artist Lee Elias (on right). When most people think of Harvey comics, they think of Casper & Richy Rich..... well not me! I think of icky Pre-Code horror comics and the kinkiest superheroine of them all - Linda Turner alias The Black Cat!
In real life, Linda was of course, a Hollywood movie star.... WHA!?! Now how cool is that!
Check out these covers... good clean fun, that's what i say.....

But wait... it get's even better... in every issue (of the later books in the 1950's) you got Black Cat's Judo Tricks! Step by step instructions on how to beat up on the boys. Yes ma'am... may i have another!

.... and fashion advice too.... what a woman!

In the 40's & 50's, there wasn't the wishy washy Post-Code/P.C. mentality of today to get in the way of this kinda fun... and the world is much poorer (and more repressed and maladjusted) for it. Here's a nice selection of panels that show Linda strutting her stuff....


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