Monday, February 26, 2007

Don Martin...Science Fiction Artist!?! (Re-post)

Amazing but true, so here's a treat for Melvins & Madmen alike! Prior to his long stint at Mad magazine, one of my favorite humor artists tried his hand at SF illustration! During the late 50's, you could find his stuff in the pages of Galaxy magazine alongside Ed Emsh, Virgil Finlay & Wally Wood. Yow, that's pretty fast company!
First up by Don are a trio of fine illustrations from a light-hearted tale by Avram Davidson, which involves alien invaders' need for false teeth (i'm not kidding, and there's even a sequel too!). Galaxy seemed to excell in these frothy and urbane pre-Twilight Zone SF stories, and having these types of stories assigned to Martin shows the editorial care that went into the magazine at this time. The other illustrations are more of the same, including "Lulu" by Clifford D. Simak.

Next, these rather strange illustrations by "Madman" Don come from an editorial printed in Galaxy Magazine from 1958. Probably the text by H. L. Gold would make these a bit more explicable, but I like 'em mysterious... just like me!

Galaxy - June '61

More Vaughn BodeĀ“ SF art!

What is interesting to me about this (and the previous selection) of illustrations by Vaughn BodeĀ“ is the evolution of his line. In the earlier works from 1967, there is very little life to the linework - that is to say, the thickness of the outlines of objects and figures is not used to delineate depth or volume. By the middle od 1968, you can start to see style that indeed made him one of the most copied cartoonists (stylistically at least) of the 20th Century - 'Nuff said!

IF - Jan. '67

IF - Feb. '67

IF - Sept. '67

IF - Mar. '68

IF - Apr. '68

IF - Jul. '68

And again once more... It's Wally Wood!

'Just a Woody quickie... but here's the thing- i think iv'e almost done it.
Done what?
Well, my research shows that with a few exceptions (a few gaps in my collection) and the illustrations for the 4 part "Earthblood" from Galaxy (on the scanner now kids), I think i've pretty much scanned ALL of woody's SF illustration work. Hooray for me!
Do I get a prize??? I thought not!

Galaxy - Sept. '65

IF - Nov. '67


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