Friday, March 31, 2006

The ORIGINAL Blue Beetle!

Real quick - here's the ORIGINAL Blue Beetle or perhaps we should say Blue Beetle Version 1.0. As distinct from the Steve Ditko/Ted Kord Blue Beetle (2.0) or the DC revamp of same (2.1), or indeed whatever abomination those creeps in New York are doing now.... like i give a damp fart. Frank Lovejoy plays Dan Garrett, cop turned crime-fighter in these radio shows that ran twice a week as 2 parters (a la the Batman TV show). These are edited together, but the first episode is a really nice tasty file size (20+MB). See you next week......

Classic Literature!

I love dystopian science fiction. I should explain that I feel it serves a very important function as it shows us the worst of all possible worlds. And sure, everybody knows the biggies....1984 & Brave New World...but there's a lot more out there. Take for example the much overlooked dystopian satire"The Space Merchants" by Pohl & Kornbluth, in which they predict (with some degree of accuracy) a future where advertising is used to control the masses, where government officials serve the interests of their corporate masters and a large portion of the globes' population works for these corporations in litlle better than slave-labor-camp conditions........hmmmmm....(you know, that just might work.....)
The CBS Radio Workshop was one of THE best shows on radio in the 50's....heck, it was so good they COULDN'T GET a sponsor! Too interleckshual! Anyway, they did a execute a most excellent two part adaption of this dark comedy of a grim future world (not to dissimilar to our own).
So get a big hot mug of "COFFEE-EST" and sit back with....
"CBS Radio Workshop - The Space Merchants Part 1"
In Part 2, we meet the Senator from Yummy Cola, "Chicken Little" and many other interesting folks....
"CBS Radio Workshop - The Space Merchants Part 2"

Now i don't know if this is a repost or not, which is disturbing in itself, but i'll put it up anyway -

Master Of The World!

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Hall of Fantasy.... and MORE!

OK - Check it out... here's the deal....
I'm really busy right now, so this is all you get until after the weekend, but these should keep you folks busy for a while...
Broadcast on the Mutual network in the late 40's & early 50's, "Hall of Fantasy" comes across like a prototype for "Outer Limits"... which is a good thing!

Plus - in the same vein, a couple of quickes by some masters of the macabre... WOOD and TOTH! See you next week!

Wood & Orlando - "Thing From The Sea"

Alex Toth - "The Queen Is Dead"

PS. If ya didn't get tha memo - file hosting is back to normal... ENJOY!


Wanted to get this one up as quick as i could.... it's ANOTHER good 'un!

Equilibrium Achieved!

Comrade datajunkie is pleased to announced that normal service & file supply has been resumed....sorry for the inconvenience....

Saturday, March 25, 2006

L. R. H. - Lousy Rotten Hosting!

What else COULD LRH stand for.... hmmmm?

Why - it makes me wanna go crazy!

i just wish the old hosting could get CLEAR!

Maybe the old databanks need AUDITING!

Seriously though - it's been pretty goofy all week, so i'm more than a little bit frustrated, but my hands are tied.

Scheduled maintenence is Tuesday 12.00 Midnight to 2.00 AM, so maybe they'll have a BREAKTHROUGH!

I kinda wanna write 'em a really nasty letter, but that might do more harm than good.....maybe i could use a pseudonym....

More Box 13

Here's some mo' of BOX 13 with Alan Ladd..... don't worry - there's still plenty more episodes.....ENJOY!

PS. Hosting still weird.... i'll put 'em up anyway though.... oh well....

Whatever Became Of...?

Psycho 17!

In This Issue -

Psycho 17!

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Houston.... we have a problem....

Unsightly error messages filling your browser window? Is it taking a long time to not get the files you want?
Me too kids..... Seems like the ol' file server just ain't what she used to be......
Maybe later it'll be greater.....

Just between you and me, this is gettin' kinda thwartsome (and yes - i know that i made that word up) but that best describes it..... *oh well* All i know is that once again - we are victim to the stupid, dumb and unresponsive machines......

Do let me know if any of you have any joy gettin' stuff.... Thanks!

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Pat Boyette, Charlton comics and me!

OK.... first of all, i will mention the NEXT post will be more Skywald Horror-Mood fun - honest!
But, during the meanwhile, let's do the ol' Charlton comics thingy one mo' time.....

First up, some goodness from yet ANOTHER under-rated master of the sequential storytelling art, Mr. Pat Boyette.
Apart from a few things in the fan press (most notably the wonderful Charton Spotlight fanzine from Argo Press) this gentleman from Texas gets very little praise, and yet his work is held in very high esteem by Alex Toth (no slouch himself).
To me, there seems to be some prejudice in the fan-boy continuum towards some guys, say Alex Toth, Pat Boyette, Pete Morisi (PAM) or Mort Meskin for example, mostly because the art isn't "pretty" or "photo-realistic". If you move beyond the final look of the "finish" to the actual craft of the story-telling (stuff like panel lay-out, composition, ease of legibility in following the actual story, taking the readers' eye through the panels in an interesting yet simple way and so on... you know, dumb unimportant stuff) you can't help but appreciate Mr Boyettes' skill.

"The Spaceship" from Dr. Graves #2!

"The Hand" from Dr. Graves #10!

Dr. Graves #32!
Plus this little puppy from The Phantom #37.....

RIKI LAN from Phantom #37!

Also keep in mind that he was both a TV broadcaster for many years (not itself an easy job, being in front of the camera on a daily basis is a grind in itself) plus an independent filmaker in the early 60's (his horror film "Dungeons of Harrow" for example is readily available on DVD), this man had a career that was both extensive and multi-faceted. Respect where respect is due you fanboy geeks.... Don't make me throw you down the stairs... (actually, now i think about it, that might be kinda fun......).

Here's a nice trio from Ghostly Haunts, with the host with the most "Winnie the Witch", who predates the DC female horror hosts from "Witching Hour" by several years. Plus, for my money, she's the HOTTEST horror-host in the history of horror comics. Vampi has the be #2, sorry, but the blue skin, sun-glasses and cape just edges Winnie into the #1 spot. And Countess Von Blud (from Scary Tales) comes in at #3 (if you were wondering).....
These issue feature some peak Ditko stuff, incredible layouts and compositions..... amazing art from Steverino at his best!

Ghostly Haunts #22!

Ghostly Haunts #23!

Ghostly Haunts #24!

From the later Nick Cuti/George Wildman era comes some selections from Monster Hunters, with work by the usual suspects... Ditko, Tom Sutton, Wayne Howard, Joe Staton and lil' Mikey Zeck....

Monster Hunters #1!

Monster Hunters #3!

Monster Hunters #6!

Once again, these pdfs that you've seen posted before have been re-done, so they're all a bit bigger, and i feel, better.....
By the way, i do feel better, thanks for asking....

Monday, March 20, 2006

The Old File Server's Down!

Well kids - looks like nothin' fun today....

Just some eye candy while we wait it out....

Some days... what are ya gonna do?

I'll check in tomorrow & see how things are doing...

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