Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Omega Octane!

I'm sure you often wonder what does that old hyper dave get up to when he's not blogging, or making music with "Art of Hot" and so on...
Well, I'm a frigging movie star is what!
Allow me to the film-maker, Casey Hages to explain - "I shot this short in late '06 with my friend Alberto Hernandez. "Omega" played a few Bay Area festivals. The movie even made the front page of our local rag the Bay Guardian. It was done in a classic B-movie style with a hint of an '80's nostalgia motif.
Synopsis: A heart warming tale about an alcoholic time traveling archaeologist on a mission to capture an escaped prisoner in modern day San Francisco."

I did it because I got to Play a time travelling archeologist from the future [type-casting, right?] and dress up like an old serial hero... and before you ask, it's MEANT to have that "1980's cheap-o Dr Who" look, OK?

Here's the complete movie [Parts 1-7] on youtube.....



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