Thursday, October 26, 2006

Who luvs ya bay-beeee?

OK - your old pal hyper dave is REALLY gonna take a break for a long-assed while, but just to show you how much i care... here's a re-post of the some radio shows - First, the entire run of "The Planet Man", a pretty nifty space opera from the early 1950's. Episodes 1 & 4 are missing (presumed lost) but the story doesn't really get good till about Episode 6 anyway. Gimme a week or so, and i'll be back with more strangeness!

Planet Man- "(02) Orbit the Moon"
Planet Man- "(03) Cosmic Communicator"
Planet Man- "(05) Marston to Attack Earth"
Planet Man- "(06) Discussing Marston"
Planet Man- "(07) Kidnapping Order"
Planet Man- "(08) Billy and Jane Need Help"
Planet Man- "(09) Hoping for a Miracle"
Planet Man- "(10) Billy and Jane in Ship"
Planet Man- "(11) 3-D Dantro"
Planet Man- "(12) Marston Dead"
Planet Man- "(13) On a Scout Ship"
Planet Man- "(14) Preparing to Blast Off"
Planet Man- "(15) Discussing Venus"

Planet Man- "(16) Captured by the Dusters"
Planet Man- "(17) Captives on Venus"
Planet Man- "(18) Back to the Prison Cell"
Planet Man- "(19) Dantro, Help Us"
Planet Man- "(20) Plot to Destroy Venus"
Planet Man- "(21) Venus Minister - Traitor"
Planet Man- "(22) Encounter with Pirates"
Planet Man- "(23) Pirates Attack Dantro"
Planet Man- "(24) Alarm Alerts Pirates"
Planet Man- "(25) Slick and Blackie"
Planet Man- "(26) An Ancient Space Ship"
Planet Man- "(27) Searching for Asteroid"
Planet Man- "(28) Trying to Find Dantro"
Planet Man- "(29) Searching for Planeteer"

Planet Man- "(30) Planeteer Spotted"
Planet Man- "(31) Prospector Finds Billy"
Planet Man- "(32) Surrounded by Mines"
Planet Man- "(33) Uranium on Asteroid"
Planet Man- "(34) Where are the Kids?"

Planet Man- "(35) Judge's Problem"
Planet Man- "(36) Strange Goings On"
Planet Man- "(37) Dantro Controlled"
Planet Man- "(38) Slats Is Fed Up"
Planet Man- "(39) Slats Tricks Dantro"
Planet Man- "(40) Marston Has Communicator"
Planet Man- "(41) Marston's Spy Ring"
Planet Man- "(42) Hunt for the Ancients"
Planet Man- "(43) Encountering New Race"
Planet Man- "(44) Sun and Toor Watching"
Planet Man- "(45) Beings from Libra"
Planet Man- "(46) Sulfur Breather Being"
Planet Man- "(47) Must Obey Zen"
Planet Man- "(48) Klee Will Use Dantro"
Planet Man- "(49) Astrodrive Broken"
Planet Man- "(50) Slats Suspicious"
Planet Man- "(51) Touring Mardee"
Planet Man- "(52) Council Denies Request"
Planet Man- "(53) Secret Council"
Planet Man- "(54) Firing Squad"
Planet Man- "(55) Trying to Save Judge"
Planet Man- "(56) Gaza Talking to Marston"

Planet Man- "(57) Dantro Go's to Alpha"
Planet Man- "(58) Barrow's Expedition"
Planet Man- "(59) Crash Landing"
Planet Man- "(60) Space Ship Graveyard"
Planet Man- "(61) Slats Headed for Death"
Planet Man- "(62) Contacting the Mardee"
Planet Man- "(63) Insect Planet"
Planet Man- "(64) Destroy the Generator"
Planet Man- "(65) Dantro Frees Prisoners"
Planet Man- "(66) Fighting Insect Men"
Planet Man- "(67) New Adventure Begins"
Planet Man- "(68) A Robot Civilization"
Planet Man- "(69) Transporter to Orientor"
Planet Man- "(70) Robot 0-12 Takes Over"
Planet Man- "(71) Who Is Robot T-21?"
Planet Man- "(72) Will T-21 Help Dantro"
Planet Man- "(73) Slats Looking for Dantro"
Planet Man- "(74) Days Before Overthrow"
Planet Man- "(75) Dantro and T-21 Joined"
Planet Man- "(76) Can Slats Control Jet?"
Planet Man- "(77) Death Coming Closer"
Planet Man- "(78) End of the Adventure!"

Broadcast on the Mutual network in the late 40's & early 50's, "Hall of Fantasy" comes across like a prototype for "Outer Limits"... which is a good thing!
Try "The Crawling Thing" or "Temple Of Quitzloptle" if you're unfamiliar with this show....

HALL OF FANTASY - "Beast With Red Eyes"
HALL OF FANTASY - "Diamonds Of Death"
HALL OF FANTASY - "Perfect Script"
HALL OF FANTASY - "Shadow People"
HALL OF FANTASY - "Stones' Revenge"
HALL OF FANTASY - "Temple Of Quitzloptle"
HALL OF FANTASY - "The Hangmans' Rope"
HALL OF FANTASY - "The Man In Black"
HALL OF FANTASY - "The Marquis Of Death"
HALL OF FANTASY - "The Night The Fog Came"
HALL OF FANTASY - "The Twisting Weeds"
HALL OF FANTASY - "The Judge's House"
HALL OF FANTASY - "He Who Follows Me"
HALL OF FANTASY - "A Cask Of Amontillado"
HALL OF FANTASY - "The Black Figurine"
HALL OF FANTASY - "The Silver Flask"
HALL OF FANTASY - "Dance of The Devil Dolls"
HALL OF FANTASY - "Mask Of Ashor"
HALL OF FANTASY - "Return From Death"
HALL OF FANTASY - "Demon Of The Night"
HALL OF FANTASY - "Wild Huntsman"
HALL OF FANTASY - "The Crawling Thing"
HALL OF FANTASY - "The Tell Tale Heart"
HALL OF FANTASY - "Hand Of Botar."
HALL OF FANTASY - "Automaton"
HALL OF FANTASY - "Bracelet Of Amoniris"
HALL OF FANTASY - "The Man From The Second Earth"
HALL OF FANTASY - "Sea Phantom"

Last up.... the ORIGINAL Blue Beetle - or perhaps we should say Blue Beetle Version 1.0. as distinct from the Steve Ditko/Ted Kord Blue Beetle (2.0) or the DC revamp of same (2.1), or indeed whatever abomination those creeps in New York are doing now.... . Frank Lovejoy plays Dan Garrett, cop turned crime-fighter in these radio shows that ran twice a week as 2 parters (a la the Batman TV show). These are edited together, but the first episode is a really nice tasty file size (20+MB). See you next week......
"Opium Gang"
"Sabotage & Liquidation"
"Murder For Profit"
"Blasting The Dynamite Racket"

"The Invisible Ghost"
"Death Rides On Horseback"
"Death Strikes From The East"

"Sea Serpent"
"Spirits Don't Talk"
"Thoroughbreds Come Through"
"Smashing The Arson Ring"

"Payroll Bandits"
"Crime Inc."
"Saved By A Hair"

"Finesse In Diamonds"
"Sabotage Inc."
"Smashing The Restaurant Racket"
"2 Rackets In 1"
"Underworld Underground"

"Ghost Of Rocky Hill"
"Whale of Pirate's Folly"
"Asylum Of Dr. Drear"
"Mystery Of Channel Island"

I'll be back when i'm back, just wanted y'all to know dat I still luvs ya!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

It's NOT "So Long & Thanks For All The Fish"...OK?

Thanks for all the kind words - and to any of you that are concerned 'bout me pulling the plug... well, lets just say (to continue the metaphor) that I need to recharge my batteries. Regular service WILL resume at some point in the future... anyway, here's a nice repost of DC Horror covers.....
I'll be back as sooner or later with more coolness!

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