Friday, September 29, 2006

More Virgil Finlay... Yet Again - One More Time!

All these are more than good, but the selection from Galaxy October 1967 illustrating
"Poulfinchs Mythology" are mind-boggling to say the least. See you cats and kittens after the weekend!

FamousFantasticMysteries Oct.52

Fantastic Novels Mar. '50

Fantastic Story Winter '52

Galaxy - Dec. '60

Galaxy - June '61

Galaxy - Oct '66

Galaxy - Oct. '67

Thrilling Wonder Fall '54

Original SF Mar. '59

Thrilling Wonder Oct. '52


Thursday, September 28, 2006

Oh, The Times, They Are 'A Changin'

Well, it seems ya gotta read tha small print. Seems zat de ol' rapidshare has been having storage issues and they have been deleting files after 10 days of inactivity rather than 30, as was previously de case. Sometimes I wish i was in a coffin in deep space, with hard vacuum all around me - at least i'd be left alone and wouldn't have to put up with all this sh*t.

In other news, the downside of the internet explosion, fatter pipes and all the rest is that many of my favorite retail stores are going out of business. For example, my favorite record store in San Francisco closes it's doors today, and i'm more than a bit sad. This is, I feel, truly the death of vinyl, and i'm really not sure if I can deal with it.

I find myself feeeling more and more like this guy, here I am in my bearskin, armed only with stone axe and flint knife, and here comes a flying saucer. What's a caveman supposed to do?

I guess you could say all this downside of the 21st Century "Information Revolution" burns me up. Why can't these to worlds co-exist in respectful harmony. Oh well......
Anyhow.... here's a nice Frank R. Paul illo of a man from Mars.... sometimes I feel that I would relate to this guy a WHOLE bunch better than I do to most iPod wearing, text-messaging, Blackberry using, walking down the street/driving their car while blathering on the cell phone about a whole lotta nothing "future humans" - capsuled up in their 21st Century "techno-bubble", way too concerned about this flow of ephemeral data to actually be here now and do stuff with real live humans in a non-virtual info-scape. Boy am I sour today.

Anyhow - i'm hittin' the road this weekend with my best girl to go to Monterey and sit by the pool, unwind my angst and all that. I know this whole mess will still be here when I get back (and i'm not just talking about this blog).
In the words of Marvin, The Paranoid Android -
"Life! Don't talk to me about life!"
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