Friday, March 31, 2006

Classic Literature!

I love dystopian science fiction. I should explain that I feel it serves a very important function as it shows us the worst of all possible worlds. And sure, everybody knows the biggies....1984 & Brave New World...but there's a lot more out there. Take for example the much overlooked dystopian satire"The Space Merchants" by Pohl & Kornbluth, in which they predict (with some degree of accuracy) a future where advertising is used to control the masses, where government officials serve the interests of their corporate masters and a large portion of the globes' population works for these corporations in litlle better than slave-labor-camp conditions........hmmmmm....(you know, that just might work.....)
The CBS Radio Workshop was one of THE best shows on radio in the 50's....heck, it was so good they COULDN'T GET a sponsor! Too interleckshual! Anyway, they did a execute a most excellent two part adaption of this dark comedy of a grim future world (not to dissimilar to our own).
So get a big hot mug of "COFFEE-EST" and sit back with....
"CBS Radio Workshop - The Space Merchants Part 1"
In Part 2, we meet the Senator from Yummy Cola, "Chicken Little" and many other interesting folks....
"CBS Radio Workshop - The Space Merchants Part 2"

Now i don't know if this is a repost or not, which is disturbing in itself, but i'll put it up anyway -

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