Sunday, November 20, 2005

Hot Rods and Drag N' Wheels!

OK, OK Enuff 'o' da romance stuff already! Well, i certainly enjoyed our little romantic interlude, and i hope you did too.... but sometimes enough is too much and we have a lot of ground to cover before we dive headfirst into the Yuletide miasma, so by all means, let's check out some hot rod comics from Charlton....

Hot Rods and Racing Cars #104

As previously discussed, Charlton continued to publish certain comic genres long after the other publishers stopped caring about ANYTHING but the long-underwear types. The last bastion of westerns, romance comics.... and these. The bulk of the art chores on these books were by Jack Keller, and it's servicable but none too slick. The stories (by Joe the Gill-man, no doubt) are pretty goofy (and we LIKE goofy, right?) but mucho fun!

Drag N' Wheels #49

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