Tuesday, November 29, 2005

..... and we're back!

So sorry about my recent lack of activity but apart from being busy with real-world stuff and fighting off a lingering cold, the death of guitar-god Link Wray (not to mention the passing of the great Don Adams) has had a sobering effect on the usually light-hearted datajunkie chappie. Or to put it another way... it's repost time again (ouch!)... but what the hey, it's a goodie from my early days that some of you haven't seen. More stuff comin' soonest..... (and all the romance books are still up too...not too shabby i guess....)
Baffling Mysteries #21!

Friday, November 25, 2005

Captain Gallant of the Foreign Legion

Here's an off-trail wonder.....adapted from the TV show with Buster Crabbe..... the art in this issue, by Don Heck, is a far cry from his 60's work at Marvel. His brushwork is to die for! As the Japanese would say, his lines have "wa". G'wan ... google it up.... get some culture!
As to the more than slightly lunatic idea that the French Foreign Legion is a good enviornment for a small boy???? Well, i guess that the 50's were a less discerning time in a lot of ways..... Anyway, let's set our sights on desert adventure with -

Captain Gallant of the Foreign Legion

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Hot Rods and Drag N' Wheels!

OK, OK Enuff 'o' da romance stuff already! Well, i certainly enjoyed our little romantic interlude, and i hope you did too.... but sometimes enough is too much and we have a lot of ground to cover before we dive headfirst into the Yuletide miasma, so by all means, let's check out some hot rod comics from Charlton....

Hot Rods and Racing Cars #104

As previously discussed, Charlton continued to publish certain comic genres long after the other publishers stopped caring about ANYTHING but the long-underwear types. The last bastion of westerns, romance comics.... and these. The bulk of the art chores on these books were by Jack Keller, and it's servicable but none too slick. The stories (by Joe the Gill-man, no doubt) are pretty goofy (and we LIKE goofy, right?) but mucho fun!

Drag N' Wheels #49

PS. On this... i have NO COMMENT......

And the hits just keep on coming!

Well, here we are again, and sometime today we'll get our 25.000th hit on the old datajunkie "thang" (coz this ain't yo mamma's blog, thets fer sure...) and i guess that's kinda cool.....
Oh yeah, Haunted Love #4...........
is yours for the asking....

Monday, November 14, 2005

My Only Love(s)!

At this point in the 70's, i'm pretty sure that even DC had wound up their Romance line, which gives Charlton yet another dubious distinction... that of the longest running publisher of romance comics in America. As we look back, i'm really starting to see more and more how this oddball and much maligned imprint outperformed and out-did their "Big Two" competitors.
As for these two books, the stories are more than a little weird, but at this point who knows who wrote what (and how quickly) ...maybe Joe Gill and Nick Cuti, Mike Pellowski....? Who can guess.
"Knapsack Casanova" is unusual for a romance story in that it was written by a woman, Deborah S. McDonald, allthough with the abundance of pseudonyms at Charlton (my faves - Tom Tuna, Jack Daniels and the best of the lot.... Norm DiPluhm, and NO, i'm NOT making this up) this could be Joe Gill. The story goes that Joe had SO many pen names (and was getting checks under all these different names) that one day when he knocked on Mr Santangelo's office door on payday, Mr S said "Who is it?", Joe sez "Joe Gill".... and Mr S says...."Come in boys". As George Wildman (Editor from the early 70's to the end) once said, "He had a hot typwriter". The other stories are fun, and the art on a goofy one pager by Mike Vosburg is really nice. The trucker romance "Two Kisses a Month" is a relic of the CB era i guess....10-4 good buddy.
My Only Love #8

The guy in "Good Neighbor's Policy" has more than a touch of the stalker about him if you think about it.... crude but servicable art gets the job done. This one does read like Joe Gill.
Oh by the way, you guys do know that there was a lot of conjecture in the 1950's that Mickey Spillane based Mike Hammer (at least partially) on his old pal Joe Gill.... you knew that right? Now i start to think about it... who else is Joe Gill? Hmmmm?
My Only Love #9

In other news, some people have also inquired as to why some stories don't make into the pdf.
Two reasons.
#1 - A lot of books don't have the staples mounted on the book squarely on the spine, and as scanning is hard enough on them as it is, folding and creasing brittle pages and significantly reducing the value of the book does not appeal to me.
#2 - The stories are cr*p.
Fair enuff?

Up next - HAUNTED LOVE #4.... an all Joe Gill issue!?! (N'yuk n'yuk n'yuk)

Friday, November 11, 2005


Well, let's hope you're ready for it 'cause here it is...
Excellent stories and art by the usual suspects - Ditko, Sutton, Staton, Gill & Cuti!
Mid 70's Gothic Romance from the "Big C"!
Haunted Love #5


Comrade datajunkie is pleased to announced that normal service & file supply has been resumed....sorry for the inconvenience....

PS. Thanks for all your comments and kind words, i really appreciate it SO much, don'cha know....coming up (after this romance thingy wraps) - War, Educational & Hot-Rod comics in tha pipeline! Yow!

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Download Problems?

Seems like they're upgrading the service, so right now it just plain don't work AT ALL... i can barely log on to my account, let alone host files for you folks.....go figure...
Anyway, i'll just leave everything as it is until this is resolved.....
sorry folks.... but it ain't me babe! (Well, not THIS time, anyway.....)

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Speak now or forever hold your peace.....

Yes that's right folks.... i want to hear from you!
What do you like? What floats YOUR boat? More this and less that? Send me a card!
What genres would YOU like to see here? There are some genres left untouched as yet.... War, Western, Educational comics....
Drop me a line and lemme know watchu want!
How you digging the Romance stuff? Lemme know!
As impossible as it may sound, i am open to suggestions.....

Radio romance!

Well, it's STILL all romance over here at datajunkie central HQ, so deal with it.....
Here's four episodes of Theatre of Romance, a Colgate tooth POWDER sponsored show, similar to Lux Presents Hollywood, adapting recent or popular films for radio.... these ones were pretty choice and kinda stray back into more familiar format we enjoy around here.... y'know.... off-beat weirdness and the like.....

The Uninvited
Death Takes A Holiday

PS. Are you ready for HAUNTED LOVE?!?!? Coming soon!

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Where's the love???? Why right here, of course!

From the ULTRA GINCHY mid-'50s True Life Secrets #23!

....and from the VERY GROOVY early '70s Career Girl Romance #56!

Monday, November 07, 2005

More Mush!

Before and after....

PRE-CODE ROMANCE from ACG's Romantic Adventure #23!

POST-CODE ROMANCE from Ajax-Farrell's Lonely Hearts #10!

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Harvey Romance TRIPLE-HEADER (Checked & Re-posted!)

OK... this should work.... anyway, I think Harvey comics did some of the BEST romance comics of the 50's. Good art, good stories. 'Nuff said. Check out these puppies and see if i'm not right....
Harvey's First Love #37!

Harvey's First Romance #29!

Harvey's First Romance #41!

More mush soonest!

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

November is Romance Month at Datajunkie!

No more horror or sf for a while.... i crave something.... different......
Hollywood Romances #58

This has gotta be the best $6.00 I ever spent on a Romance comic.... Dear Lonely Hearts #6
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