Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Some spooky tales before bed-time....

Probably not as good as issue #2 (still up for a few more Halloweeny days or so, so be quick & collect 'em all kids...)
but OK none-the-less.... pretty out there cover by Jeff Jones.... apparently publisher Martin Goodman HATED this cover and chewed wunderkind editor Jeff Rovin a new orofice over Jones' work and vowed NEVER to publish his work ever again.... high praise huh? But the Pat Boyette story is pretty solid, and as i get older, i get a growing appreciation for the talent and versataility of the vastly under-rated Ernie Colon, his "Speed Demon" story that closes out the ish really rocks.....
Weird Tales of the Macabre #1

Now THIS is probably the most TOGETHER title the Derby crew ever assembled. Rather than a loose collection of stories, Wayne Howards' MIDNIGHT TALES was always themed in some manner, and this is one of the best. i remember reading this title as a kid and thinking that Wayne Howard was really Wally Wood moonlighting from DC under an assumed name, some of art on these issues is THAT good! Here's a nice pic of Wayne from the text page of issue #1.

One cannot fail to mention the MAJOR contribution on the line during this period by Nicola Cuti, who is probably THE MOST UNDER-RATED writer/editor in the history of comics... somebody has GOTTA write a book about those handful of writer/editors & artist/editors who REALLY changed the medium AS EDITORS... the, shall we say, less that #1 fan faves..... Archie Goodwin at Warren and Marvel/Epic tops the list, Nick Cuti of course, plus Dick Giordano and George Wildman at Charlton, Al Hewetson at Skywald, Joe Orlando & Joe Kubert on the DC Mystery & War lines in the 70's, and a few others who i'm sure will be pointed out to me.....
Midnight Tales #7

How 'bout a quick repost of a couple of cool vampire comics? Ok by you?
Fright #1

Planet of Vampires #3
In other news, i Googled up datajunkie again, and viola! From the french website www.regarde.org - "Inutile mais tellement kitsch", which the handy Babel Fish tells me is "Useless but so much kitsch". Sapristi la conk! Well, i like their kissing, anyway.....

But hey... like i ALWAYS say,,, what do i know?
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