Tuesday, October 25, 2005

More SOTI Pre-Code Horror Repost! Sheeesh!

Again, for my pal Jimbeaux, here's some CLASSIC Pre-Code HORROR.........
First up is "Journey into Fear" #15 from that fine Canadian publisher Superior. That art in this issue looks like more "Iger shop" assembly line stuff, but the STORIES!!!!
Hoo-hah! Journey into insanity is more like it. Who wrote this stuff? Delirious and illogical, the four stories in here are like bizarre fever dreams from hell, and yet, they have an almost self-deprecating quality, as though the writer and artist were giving you a metaphorical "sly wink"... as if, it didn't need to make TOO MUCH sense, because it's just a STORY... a scary story, but still fiction designed to thrill in its unreality. Campfire tales, if you will. Hardly deserving of THIS response.....

Apparently, this book (or panels there-of) is featured in the notorious "Seduction of the Innocent", but i can't tell you which story or page. i looked through this puppy real hard and couldn't find ANYTHING that was really offensive or gory, so i'm at a bit of a loss as to what was so disturbing about this particular book. But i also like a good zombie movie (heck, i probably like the bad ones even more) , so i may be a bit more tolerant than most. One icky, nasty Pre-code horror comic, just for you! Journey into Fear #15

And here's another Pre-Code gem... Black Magic #25 with killer Simon & Kirby material! i'm speechless over this amazing book! The last story is especially worthy...... 'Nuff Said!

...and speaking of worthy!!!! WEB OF EVIL #3 by Jack Cole!
Hooboy! i love this book! Now THIS is a horror comic! Did i say that i love this book!? Sharp, crisp art, great stories... lovely lovely stuff. Definitely CLASSIC Pre-Code Horror!

This was my first horror book i put up, many moons ago.....art by Bob Powell, Howard Nostrand and the usual suspects.....

Now let's take a peek at Black Cat #47, shall we?
The artists in this issue are Howard Nostrand (doing his best Jack Davis imitation on "Low Noon"), Joe Certa and Bob Powell. I can't identify the artist on "TORTURE", a nasty Kafka-esque nightmare that has to rate as one of the NASTIEST comic book stories i've ever read. The cover is by Lee Elias. It has very little to do with anything inside the book, but it's pretty powerful, none the less.
Y'know, i find it more than jus' a lil' perverse that the same folks at Harvey Comics, who published this gem of whacked-out over the top horror and mayhem, went on to later and greater success with Casper, the Dead Baby & Richie the Little Trust Fund Jerk.

Be warned...EVERYTHING comes down on All Hallows Eve to make room for the BIG HALLOWEEN TREAT. Okey-dokey?

PS. whipped this up real quick just to show y'all how much i love the Comics Code and all that it stands for....
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