Wednesday, August 31, 2005

The Many Ghosts of Dr Graves

You know, i think this is my all time favorite Charlton "scary" comicbook. I mean, these puppies are nowhere near as extreme as any Pre-Code books from the 1950's, but they're still a lot of fun..... These issues from the late 60's feature some great art by Jim Aparo, Steve Ditko, Pat Boyette and many others, but seeing is believing as they say, so you really don't have to take my word for it... please enjoy these selections from Doctor M.T. Graves (that's his fooling!)
Click here to download Dr. Graves #1 as a PDF file!
Click here to download Dr. Graves #4 as a PDF file!

Click here to download Dr. Graves #15 as a PDF file!

Click here to download Dr. Graves #22 as a PDF file!
Click here to download Dr. Graves #24 as a PDF file!

Horror Stars on OTR!

Well, here's a little midnight treat for those of you, like me, who love the old classic Hollywood horror films of the 1930's, 40's & 50's - and the stars of these films. Boris Karloff, Bela Lugosi, Peter Lorre and Vincent Price. I'll watch ANYTHING with one of these actors in it, and i mean ANYTHING. It should then come as no surprise that this foursome also appeared on radio in similar roles to the ones they played on the big screen. So here's 13 different radio shows featuring these guys strutting their stuff, and as an added bonus, two of them feature that other notable horror actor from the same period, John Carradine. Who luvs ya baybeeee? Why dat ol' datajunkie man, dat's who!

Click here to download Peter Lorre in the MOST EXCELLENT episode of SUSPENSE from Jan. 19th 1943 "The Devils' Saint" as an mp3!

Click here to download Peter Lorres' amazing performance in Mystery in the Air August 21st 1947 episode "The Horla" as an mp3!

Click here to download Peter Lorre in Mystery in the Air from Sept. 4th 1947 - "The Mask of Medusa" as an mp3!

Click here to download Peter Lorre as Spike Jones' "musical" guest on "Spotlight Revue" from 1948 as an mp3! This has to be heard to be believed!

Click here to download Boris Karloff in an adaption of "Arsenic & Old Lace" from 1946 as an mp3!

Click here to download Boris Karloff in "Creeps by Night" from May 7th 1944 as an mp3!

Click here to download Boris Karloff and John Carradine in the QUIZ SHOW "Information Please" from 1942 as an mp3!

Click here to download Bela Lugosi and John Carradine in the off-the-wall classic, "Mystery House - The Thirsty Death" as an mp3!

Click here to download Bela in the Feb. 2nd episode of SUSPENSE "The Doctor Prescribed Death" as an mp3!

Click here to download Bela *punking* an innocent Beverly Hills shopper in an episode of "Candid Mike" as an mp3!

Click here to download Vincent Price as a crazed musician in the June 1st 1944 episode of SUSPENSE "Fugue in C minor" with Ida Lupino as an mp3!

Click here to download Vincent Price as a yet another crazed musician in "Hollywood Star Time - Hangover Square" as an mp3!

Click here to download Vincent Price in "OBSESSION - Paranioa" as an mp3!

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Atlas mags!

Atlas also had a short-lived magazine line that attempted to emulate the Marvel & Warren lines that dominated the marketplace in the mid-70's. As with their comic line, the results were uneven to say the least.

However, (and we are very interested in howevers, exceptions and odd-men-out here at datajunkie H.Q.) there were diamonds in among the drek.

Case in point - Thrilling Adventure #2. Killer art by Russ Heath, Walt Simonson and probably the best story Atlas published, "A Job Well Done", were included in this ish.

I'm not going to spoil it for you.... click here to download "A Job Well Done" by Alex Toth & Rick Levin as a PDF file!

Monday, August 29, 2005

William Shakespeare in Outer Space

This is an adaption of "THE TEMPEST", but i'm sure you already knew that, right? Morbius is Prospero, Robbie is Caliban and so on....
Click here to download an Australian radio adaption as an mp3!
  • PS - i also swapped out all the radio shows in the right side-bar. Share & enjoy!

    Busy, busy, busy....that's the ol' datajunkie on tha weekends folks.....see, i have 2 jobs, and they kind-of overlap on the weekends, so i don't get out from under till now (after 2.00 AM my time! Ouch!). That's my excuse & i'm sticking to it! Once again, i'm too pooped to pop, so i'll dummy up & let the books carry the weight (once again... *sigh* ....i gotta get more sleep!)
    Click here to download Baffling Mysteries #21 as a PDF file!

    Click here to download The Clutching Hand #1 as a PDF file!

    Friday, August 26, 2005

    The Tarantula! (No, really!)

    Ooooh! i just LOVE this book! It's one of the weirdest "horror-hero" books you'll ever see, high body counts and excellent atmospheric art by the vastly under-rated (by fanboys anyway) Pat Boyette! Enjoyable and stupid, that's how we LIKE IT!
    Click here to download Tarantula #1 as a PDF file!
    Click here to download Tarantula #2 as a PDF file!
    Click here to download Tarantula #3 as a PDF file!

    Giant Dinosaurs Attack!

    Here's another swell movie comic with some nice art by Gil Kane! Share & enjoy!
    Click here to download "The Lost World" as a pdf file!

    More shows added in the right column.....

    Yes's stablized to be the "datajunkie dirty dozen"....i'll be running them in chronological order, with a weekly-ish change-out for all 12! fun! fun!

    Thursday, August 25, 2005

    Space is the Place!

    Here's some more fun from Charlton Comics, the in-house favorite here at the casa del datajunkie! Both have art by Ditko & Pat Boyette, with a nice Jim Aparo story in Strange Suspense Stories #2. Don't you LOVE that cover by Steve!
    Click here to download Strange Suspense Stories #2 as a pdf file!

    Click here to download Outer Space #1 as a pdf file!
    Here's the last 3 episodes available for "The Challenge Of Space" - i'll leave all seven episodes up for a couple of weeks, so grab 'em while you can folks!
    Click here to download "The Challenge Of Space" - "Another Galaxy" as an mp3!
    Click here to download "The Challenge Of Space" - "10 Miles to the Moon" as an mp3!
    Click here to download "The Challenge Of Space" - "Where was Atlantis?" as an mp3!
    PS - if you like (or dislike) the scene here at the virtual/digital bachelor-pad chez moi, drop me a line or leave a comment.....make a suggestion or a request..... burn me in effigy..... cuss me out.... anything's OK... (i've got a thick skin....)

    Hey, that worked out great...let's do it again!

    More shows added to your right. "The Strange Dr Weird" is a 15 minute horror anthology from the mid 40's, whilst "The Unexpected", also a 15 minute show, specializes in the snap ending, a la EC comics or "Twilight Zone" (It's a COOKBOOK!). The guy in the blue union suit smashes the opium gang this week, and many more in the weeks to what else is new? All episodes are self-contained stories, and as with the serials, weekly-ish change-out!

    Wednesday, August 24, 2005

    New Feature! Continuing serials from datajunkie!

    i love those Saturday morning serials, the cliff-hanger ending, tune in tomorrow, same Bat-time, same Bat-channel and so on.....Click on the links top right of links section for the first episodes of our new continuing radio serials - Dantro, The Planet Man & Magic Island. i'll be changing these out every week or so, and will also post a link for the previous episodes. Magic Island is from 1936 and is similar to "Phantom Empire". Dantro is pure space opera from the 1950's for the under 10 age group - Episode #1 is lost, so we'll start with #2! Share & enjoy!

    Monday, August 22, 2005

    Download-able Late-Nite Double-Feature!

    The Thing From The Sea plus, in the same thrilling shock-show, The Entity from the Void!
    Two chillers for the price of none! This blood-curdling double bill has to be seen to be believed! Rock 'em, sock 'em, kisses they never got! Explosive action! Dynamic violence! Outrageous hyperbole!
    Coming soon to a computer screen near you!
    Click here to download "The Thing From The Sea" by Wally Wood as a pdf file!
    Click here to download the pilot (and only) episode of FANTASY from August 23rd 1947 - "The Entity from the Void" Part 1 starring Hans Conreid as an mp3!
    Click here to download Part 2 as an mp3!
    PS - can you tell that i miss Drive-In theatres?

    Another couple of Ditko quickies before bedtime!

    Ditko quickie... Ditko quickie.... try saying that five times fast! Today we have a western story and an SF tale, both from the late 50's. First is "Can This Be Real?".... suffice it to say that it involves space aliens, the F.B.I. and a photographer who takes a photo of something he shoudn't. This one still holds up really well today, trust me!
    Click here to download "Can This Be Real?" as a pdf file!

    Next we have a western ditty entitled "The Only One" - short but effective stuff from the king of the hot typewriter, Joe Gill!
    Click here to download "The Only One" as a pdf file!


    i'm not going to spoil this post with a lot of meaningless chatter.....time to go "oooh & aahh" over these bey-yoot-if-ul covers because there's some classics in here, i tell ya...CLASSICS!









    Hey, Jungle Dude!

    Charlton comics had some great stuff come out under the most lack-luster covers....but inside...WOW! This book is a prime example. No offense to the artists, but this cover by Ditko & (maybe?) McLaughlin stinks...but the killer interior art is by Ditko & Wood but the filler story in this ish wasn't so good...likwise the other.. so i put in something tastier from JJ #28.
    Click here to download #27 as a pdf!

    This puppy features amazing art by Pat Boyette....and the back-up story by Ditko comes from Phantom #36.
    Click here to download #23 as a pdf!

    Virgil Finlay & time de-compression!

    Virgil Finlay was the DEAN of fantasy & science fiction illustrators. His work was praised H. P. Lovecraft in the 1930's when his work first appeared in WEIRD TALES.

    Most of these come from the early to mid-1960's, but as you can see, he's still got it! When i first saw his stuff as a callow youth, it had a tremendous effect on me...the detail and workmanship just blew my tiny mind away, and i would sit for hours looking at anything of his i could get a hold of.

    For a while, he worked illustrating fiction for the Hearst chain, under the sponsorship of A. Merritt, until an especially horrific illustration prompted Hearst himself to call Merritt and say "Fire Finlay!"

    The thing that always draws me to his stuff is the same phenomena found when viewing an illustrated manuscript, a painting by Salvador Dali or even Baroque & Rococco architecture. The immense amount of time, compressed by the artisan seems to unfold in your head as you view and consider the detail-work (and the time spent to achieve this effect). It's almost like the time de-compresses inside your brain (if you will). Yes, it's an uneasy mix of art theory and quantum mechanics here at datajunkie central!

    If anything, his illustrations added a much needed touch of class for some fiction that often seemed like it was written in less time than Finlay took to render the accompanying illustration. Still, his name and work lives on, many years after his passing, while a lot of the writers whose work he illustrated have all but vanished into the pages of history.......funny that.....


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